Introducing the new collection of G Pen Vaporizers

Introducing the new collection of G Pen Vaporizers

G Pen for Blends Vaporizer

The first G Pen specifically engineered for use with aromatic blends.

Expertly crafted, the G Pen Tank for Blends is comprised of a stainless steel outer encasement, a scientifically-hardened glass sleeve, and the tank, itself, wherein aromatic blends are housed and vaporized.



G Pen Concentrate Vaporizer

Ideal for concentrates ranging from thin to thick in viscosity, the upper heating element reaches peak, ungoverned temperatures via conduction vaporization, while the second chamber below carefully diffuses concentrates with stable, proportionate convection vaporization.



G Pen Vaporizer

A revolutionary G Pen design inspired by the spirit of the microG™, yet engineered for compatibility and function with the G Pen Battery™.

Sleek in form and specific in purpose, the G Pen Coil™ is intended for use with thicker viscosity concentrates, and is a must-try for all microG™ enthusiasts.



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