Last Updated: Aug 13, 2013
Last Updated: Aug 13, 2013

In celebration of Agenda Trade Show’s debut in Las Vegas, Grenco Science was invited to create a unique interactive experience. Curated together with branding expert Dr. Romanelli, we present the “Grenco Carnival”. The event will feature traditional carnival games re-imagined by some of the world's top brands including Undefeated, Clot, SSUR, Snoop Dogg & more. The carnival will also provide a glimpse into the future of Grenco Science product releases.

Brands Involved:

The Dr. Romanelli “Bottle Brigade”:

Co-curator of the carnival, Dr. Romanelli’s booth, gives carnival goers the opportunity try knock down milk bottles for the chance to win a DRx plush toy.

CLOT “Hell on Wheels”:

Visitors will try their luck at throwing the ball into strategically placed cans for a chance to walk away with a CLOT inspired prize.

SSUR: “Shoot The Shit”

Renowned artist and SSUR brand owner, Russ is taking the traditional “cork gun game” to new heights with his custom poop-inspired shooting targets.

Undefeated “Heavy Hitter”:

Consisting of a “high striker”, attendees will have the opportunity to demonstrate their force of strength on the Undefeated "Heavy Hitter". 

Snoop Dogg “Ring Toss”:

Aim well at Snoop Dogg’s ring toss and guests will walk away with a “Snoop” inspired prize

Claw Money Face Painting:

Guests will get their face painted by one of the most iconic female graffiti artists of all time, Claw Money.

Other Attractions include magic, mystery and more..

The carnival’s main signage was created by Steve “ESPO” Powers, one of the worlds most important signage artists, best known for the creation of Coney Island's new signage, his feature in Beautiful Loosers, "Art in The Streets" and his recent mural in Brooklyn's Macy parking lot.

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