Trash Talk

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To celebrate the release of the ‘No Peace’ album, Trash Talk is heading across the US alongside Left Brain, on the G Pen Free Tour: a series of shows that are free and open to the public. G Pen & Trash Talk will be announcing the venues a few days before the show, so RSVP below to find out where they'll be playing in your city. Entry is on a first come, first serve basis, so show up EARLY!

6/9 Tampa, FL RSVP
6/10 Miami, FL RSVP
6/12 Atlanta, GA RSVP
6/13 RIchmond, VA RSVP
6/14 Baltimore, MD RSVP
6/15 Philadelphia, PA RSVP
6/17 Brooklyn, NY RSVP
6/18 Pittsburgh, PA RSVP
6/19 Columbus, OH RSVP
6/20 Detroit, MI RSVP
6/21 Chicago, IL RSVP
6/22 Iowa City, IA RSVP
6/23 Omaha, NE RSVP
6/24 Denver, CO RSVP
6/25 Salt Lake City, UT RSVP
6/27 Oakland, CA RSVP
6/28 Los Angeles, CA RSVP

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