Introducing The G Slim Series

Grenco Science proudly debuts their newest addition in the product line, the G Slim Series -- a sleek array of lightweight technology that combines the luxury of portability with economic value. The G Slim will be available for use with concentrates or dried blends and can be purchased in disposable or rechargeable form depending on user preference.

Where the microG created the world of ultra-portable vaporization, the G Slim takes that portability a step further, offering the same industry leading technology in an even smaller package . 

All models come equipped with the G Slim Tool for easy loading while the rechargeable models include the addition of a G Slim Wireless USB Charger. The G Slim release not only marks an entirely new line of vaporizers for the company’s line, but boasts two of the biggest collaborative partnerships in industry history by featuring the Snoop Dogg and Taylor Gang | G Slims.



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