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Whether you’re hitting the town or hanging at home, our radical dab & wax vape pens for concentrates offer fast heating, durable casings, and ultimate vapor production.



How To Dab

Dabbing is a specific way to consumer concentrates. Typically, dabbing requires:

  1. An extract of material – which often appears in a wax-like form
  2. A water piece, or the glass piece that comprise a rig
  3. A nail for your water piece (this is often titanium, but can also be ceramic or quartz)
  4. A dome, or the glass piece that may be placed over the nail
  5. A torch to heat the nail
  6. A dabber, which is a tool that applies the dab of concentrate
To dab, you’ll heat the nail with your torch, then place the dome over the nail once it is hot. Then, place your dab of concentrate on the nail and enjoy. If you think dabbing is an intensive process, you’re not wrong. However, the G Pen Connect makes dabbing easy, eliminating the need for torches and hot nails. The Connect vaporizer works with a variety of water pieces as well!

What Is A Dab Or Wax Pen?

A dab pen and a wax pen are almost identical in the way they function. Both allow users to heat concentrates and inhale their vapor.

The only difference between the two is that a dab pen works with different kinds of concentrates of various consistency, while a wax pen is designed for thicker, vax-like concentrates.

G Pen has several concentrate vaporizers, including vape pens (like the Micro+), oil cartridge vaporizer batteries, and vaporizers that emulate dabbing (Hyer). We’ve put together an extensive guide on the Different Types of Concentrate Vaporizers to help you learn more.

Our dab and wax pens consist of the following basic parts:

  • Mouthpiece: the part you inhale the vapor from.
  • Heating chamber: contains the coil that heats the concentrate below its smoke point and turns it into the vapor you inhale.
  • Body / Mod: contains the battery that powers the vaporizer, the necessary controls and the charging port.

How To Use A Dab Pen

Using a dab pen is just as simple as any other portable vaporizer. Similar to dry herb vape pens and other vaporizers for concentrates, you simply fill the device with the material of choice – which must be compatible with the specific vaporizer — then, you can turn the device on and enjoy it anywhere.

Here’s a more detailed step-by-step process of how to use a dab pen:

  1. First, make sure that your dap pen is clean and fully operational. To fully enjoy the experience, the mouthpiece and the heating chamber of your pen should be clean of concentrate residue and leftovers.
  2. Once your vaporizer is ready, load the heating chamber with your desired concentrate. Make sure to only use material that is suitable for your vaporizer.
  3. Turn on your vaporizer and set the desired temperature, if your device allows it.
  4. Once your pen heats up, it is ready for you to start inhaling the vapor.

What Is An Oil Vaporizer Pen?

An oil vaporizer pen is a type of concentrate vaporizer. The liquid oil, often distributed in a cartridge that is then loaded into the vape pen, is a concentrated version of the material. Like all other vaporizers, the liquid is heated below smoke point to produce a therapeutic vapor. Oil vaporizer pens are small and only charged periodically, so they can travel with their user anywhere.

What Kind Of Oil Do You Use For A Vaporizer?

Depending on their technology and intended use, oil vaporizers each require a specific type of liquid material. G Pen’s oil vape pen – the Gio battery – is filled with oil cartridges that are then disposed of after use (which is typical for many vaporizers for oil).

Where Can I Find Cartridges For My Oil Vape Pen?

G Pen Gio oil cartridges are sold at a wide variety of retailers. You can learn more about the Gio oil vape pen and find a retailer that sells oil cartridges HERE.

How Do You Load A Dab Pen With Wax?

To properly enjoy your wax concentrate, make sure to load your vaporizer correctly. Always use a dabbing tool to help you load your material into the heating chamber with more precision. To load your dab pen with wax:

  1. Pick up a tiny portion of wax: 0.1g of wax should be enough for you to enjoy your dabbing experience.
  2. Put the wax into the heating chamber: The consistency of wax means that it should stick to the bottom of the heating chamber easily.
Do not apply excessive force.

How Does A Dab Pen Work?

The idea behind a dab pen is to heat up the concentrate to just below its smoke point — something that our dab pens achieve though precise temperature control.

When the concentrate inside the heating chamber heats to just below its smoke point, it releases a concentrated vapor that you inhale.

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