• How can I join the Loyal G rewards program?
    • - You have to create an account or make a purchase to join the Loyal G rewards program.
    • When will I start receiving points?
    • - You’ll get 30 points from the moment that you create an account. Then, you’ll earn points with every purchase AND through completing special actions.
    • What types of actions are rewarded?
    • - You’ll receive 10 points for each of these actions: Following us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; creating an account, and leaving a review after making a purchase.
      - Following us on each social channel is only rewarded once. However, we always appreciate interacting with the G Pen community regularly!
    • How does refer a friend work?
    • - To refer a friend, please enter your email on the Refer A Friend page.
      - A special link will be emailed directly to you.
      - Send your link to your friends and they’ll get 15% off on their first order of $85 or more.
      - Plus, you’ll get 20% off for each successful referral (meaning, a friend you referred that made a purchase!).
    • What types of purchases are rewarded?
    • - Any product that is purchased on GPen.com is rewarded. For every dollar you spent, you get at least one point.
      - Taxes, shipping fees, and other costs for additional services are not rewarded.
    • When are points given to customers?
    • - The points will be automatically added to your Loyal G member account when your order status is fulfilled. In addition, if you add your date of birth, we’ll give you 100 bonus points on your birthday each year!
    • How can I redeem my points?
    • - You have to apply the available or partial number of points at shopping cart on Gpen.com.
      - The points can be redeemed for the following thresholds.
      - i.e. If you have 110 points and a cart total of $55 you can use only 100 points and get $10 off your cart total and you will be left in your account with 10 points
    • Will my points expire?
    • - Yes. The points will expire after 12 months of inactivity.
    • Does my VIP tier status expire?
    • - The tier term is based on Rolling Year. This is a dynamic 12-month period which begins when you enter a tier.
      - You have 12 months from that entry date to maintain your tier status. If you do not meet the spend criteria within 12 months to maintain your tier status, you will be downgraded to the most eligible tier.
    • Are there extra benefits for becoming a VIP Gold tier member?
    • - Your earn points will be multiplied by 1.5.
      - Free delivery for standard shipping.
      - Early access to sales and exclusive offers.
      - A standing discount of 5% (certain products excluded).
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Every 100 points = $10
The points can be redeemed for the following thresholds.
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