Touring Barcelona with Wildflower Magazine

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2023
Last Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Barcelona is renowned as one of most beautiful places in the world.

From its phenomenal architecture to delectable food, there's a strong case for it to be considered one of Europe's finest cities.

Fortunately we had locals Adriano and Rosie of Wildflower Magazine to not only show us some of the best places for Tapas and Paella, but also a couple of the social clubs to try the new G Pen Hyer.

Watch the tour below! 

High Class was a perfect place to start the day.

Cool decor and chill atmosphere, AND they have the Dr. Greenthumb's Stündenglass and G Pen Hyer ready to go! 

Just 1km from Port Vell is one the Raval's most inviting restaurants, Cañete.

Can't go wrong with fresh shrimp and aged beef topped with foie and truffle sauce!

Big rips and buenas ondas at one of the most charming social clubs, Terpy.

Victorious set up with the Stündenglass wall mount and pineapple globes.

A tour of BCN wouldn't be complete without paella! The vibe and savory feast at 7 Portes was the perfect finale to our day.